What is the Search for the Outstanding Barangay Tanod?

The Search for the Outstanding barangay Tanod is a pioneering project of the Regional Management Coordinating Committee of Region VI composed of DILG agencies (DILG-LG, NAPOLCOM, BFP, BJMP, PNP and PPSC-RTS6) which recognizes the contribution of volunteer peace-keepers in the barangay-the Barangay Tanods.

This is in recognition of the strategic role of Barangay Tanods who act as the front liners in the preparation and response to any type of atrocities, public disorders, emergencies and even disasters or man-made calamities that threaten peace and order and public safety. Their spirit of volunteerism and unwavering concern for the community deserves to be recognized and honored through the conduct of the Search for the Outstanding Barangay Tanods.


It aims to provide incentives and awards to best performing Barangay Tanods (individual and group); strengthen the volunteer system and auxiliary network between and among public and private responders; strengthen the monitoring system at various levels and provide a vehicle for improvement of skills, knowledge and techniques in pursuit of the preservation of peace and order and public safety

Coverage and Eligibility Requirement

All Barangay Tanod in all Barangays in the Region are eligible to join in the search provided that they meet the following requirements:
  • All Tanods must be between the ages of 18-60 years old.
  • In case of group tanod, its members shall consist of not less than ten (10). Further, the group should have at least 0ne (1) female member.


The Nominees shall be assessed based on the following criteria:

Best Performing Barangay Tanod-Group Category
Personal Attributes 10 Points
Organization and Functional Structure 10 Points
Logistical and Financial Support 10 Points
Trainings and Skills Enhancement 20 Points
Support Facilities and Equipment 20 Points
Accomplishments 30 Points
Total 100 Points

Best Performing Barangay Tanod –Individual/Posthumous Category
Personal Attributes 10 Points
Recognition/Appreciation/Commendation 10 Points
Records/Accomplishments 20 Points
Exemplary Acts/Deed to Save Lives and Properties 20 Points
Work Attitude/Work Ethics 20 Points
Skills Enhancement Proficiency 10 Points
Others 10 Points
Total 100 Points

Award Categories

  • Most Outstanding Tanod-Group Category
  • Most Outstanding Tanod Individual Category
  • Posthumous Award- is given to an individual Tanod who dies performing heroic deed while in service. The heroic act should have been performed during emergencies, calamities, public disorders and similar situations during the period covered and has caused the death of the Tanod nominee.
  • Hall of Fame Award-is conferred to an individual taod or tanod group which won in the same category for three consecutive years.

The 2017 Winners

Search for the Outstanding Group Tanod - Municipal Category
Champion Barangay Salvacion, Buenavista, Guimaras
1st Runner-up Brgy. Mojon, San Jose de Buenavista, Antique
2nd Runner-up Brgy. Poblacion, San Rafael, Iloilo
Search for the Outstanding Group Tanod - City Category
Champion Brgy. Lawa-an, Roxas City
1st Runner-up -
2nd Runner-up -
Search for the Outstanding Individual Tanod
RankName of Individual TanodBarangay
Champion Cherry C. Dario Brgy. Pob. Ilawod, Passi City, Iloilo
1st Runner-up Alexander A. Lopez Brgy. Brgy. Calumpang, Molo, Iloilo City
2nd Runner-up Remuel L. Pagunsan Brgy. Mojon, San Jose de Buenavista, Antique
Posthumous Award
Relly G. Evangelista Brgy. Sta. Ana. Tapaz, Capiz
Hall of Fame Award
Romeo C. Cabalong Brgy. Lampaya, Leon, Iloilo
See full list here

Regional Awards Committee



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