What is CSIS?

The Citizen Satisfaction Index System (CSIS) is a set of data tools designed to collect and generate relevant citizens' feedback on local governments' service delivery, performance and on the citizens' general satisfaction.

Basis/Policies: DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2012-113 Promulgates the implementation of the CSIS

Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan 2011-2016 a National Citizen Satisfaction Index should be developed that will serve as common measuring tool of efficiency, effectiveness, accessibility, integrity, transparency and accountability of government agencies in the delivery of public services.

DILG-MC #2016-57 dated April 27, 2016 Subject: Policies and General Guidelines on the Pilot Testing of the Citizen Satisfaction Index System (CSIS)

Who will do the survey?

Local Resource Institutes (LRIs)
Academic institutions that provide training, learning and extension services in the communities.

LRIs will conduct the study, which involves:
  • Data gathering
  • Data processing & analysis
  • Preparation of prescribed reports

Why does DILG involved the participation of LRIs?

  • deemed to be politically neutral;
  • have pool of experts who are familiar with research methods;
  • more capable of mobilizing field interviewers who can speak local dialect;
  • identifying with local colleges & universities showed easier establishments of rapport with respondents
  • What are the uses of CSIS?

    The result of the CSIS can be used as knowledge base of the DILG in crafting well-informed programs and policies that would help scale up local government performance.

    LGUs can also benefit from the CSIS by being able to have a pulse and stimulus for making executive, administrative, and legislative actions that would respond better to the needs of their people.

    Information generated from CSIS can also be used by NGAs and the legislature for targeting programs, projects & other interventions to specific demographic characteristics or geographic locations.

    CSOs and private sectors may also benefit from the CSIS by gaining information on which services they may complement side-by-side with the government.



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